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 Dessert Tables


Dessert  tables are a great way to give you and your guests an assortment of items to choose from!  It's important to make sure you plan appropriate quantities of desserts so there's enough for everyone.  If you don't plan on serving a main wedding cake, we suggest an average of 2-3 pieces of desserts per person.  However, if you will have a main wedding cake in addition to desserts, then we suggest an average of 1-2 pieces of desserts per person

* Pricing sheet with dessert menu options available upon request*

Dessert Sampling:


While we don't offer complimentary dessert tastings, you can purchase a dessert sampling box. It will include 1/2 dozen each of 3 different desserts of your choice. (inquire for pricing)  Please let us know well in advance if you'd like to order this, as everything is baked fresh and takes time in preparing.


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