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 Dessert Tables



The package pricing below includes delivery & set-up of your desserts, including use of dessert stands/trays of your choice from our inventory.  (* A separate setup fee will apply if a main tiered wedding cake is also ordered)

Also included is a 6" single tier "cutting cake" for the wedding couple in a simple naked or textured buttercream finish.

We suggest an average of 2-3 pieces of desserts per person.  All of our packages include 3 pieces of desserts per person based on your requested guest count and will be split equally between chosen desserts. 

(Example:  100 guests x 3 pieces = 300 pieces of dessert = 25 dozen items)

However, if you will have a main wedding cake in addition to desserts, then we suggest an average of 1-2 pieces of desserts per person, which can be added on a-la-carte.  

"A-la-carte" ordering is available with a minimum dessert order of $250 (if ordering alone, without a main tiered cake) plus an a-la-carte dessert table fee of $75 - $175.   Delivery & set-up for a-la-carte orders is $75.  Please contact us directly for an a-la-carte individual dessert price sheet.

While we don't offer complimentary dessert tastings, you can purchase a dessert sampling box for $65.  It will include 1/2 dozen each of 3 different desserts of your choice.   Please let us know well in advance if you'd like to order this, as everything is baked fresh and takes time in preparing.

Minimum 50 person order on all packages:


Package 1 - $6.50 per person


4 different items from "Tier 1"

Package 2 - $7.75 per person


4 different items from "Tier 1"

1 item from "Tier 2"

Package 3 - $9 per person


4 different items from "Tier 1"

1 item from "Tier 2"

1 item from "Tier 3"


Tier 1 Options:


Cookies (1 choice per 4 dozen)

(Flavors:  chocolate chip, dark chocolate fudge, sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, gingerbread-molasses, almond raspberry shortbread, Mexican wedding cookies)


Mini cupcakes (1 cake flavor per 4 dozen)

Rice Krispy treats

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods (choice of dipping color)

Glazed Donuts

Salted Caramel Brownie Bites

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries (choice of chocolate or white chocolate) *GF*




Tier 2 Options:


Cake Pops (1 cake flavor per 4 dozen / choice of dipping color)


Lemon Bars



Churro Bites




Tier 3 Options:

Edible Chocolate Berry Cups (choice of chocolate or white chocolate) *GF*

Oatmeal Cream  Pie Cookie Sandwiches

Standard sized cupcakes (1 cake/filling flavor per 2 dozen)

Dessert Cake Parfait Cups

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